Im twins & Lee twins enjoying strawberries ♥

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the chestnut shell dropped from the tree beside me and a wee lady bird was in there. isn’t nature sweet. 

and a spiritual punk snail occupying this wall. snails understand the nature of radical slow down.

and a plaid carpet  laid in the woods

and a handful of colour

and some mushrooms gypsies growing on a fallen birch. laid their life on hers. fallen god. 

and a forest floor wearing blusher

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Today In Solidarity (10.4.14): Protesters in Washington, DC shutdown Georgetown for several hours, marching for justice for Mike Brown and an end to police brutality. So proud of the people still keep this going, around the country and world. #staywoke #farfromover (PT I)

The movement is growing. Are you a part of it?

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This sculpture by Issac Cordal in Berlin is called “Politicians discussing global warming.”

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"Here in the U.S. apples generally ripen between August and September. They pick the apples when they’re slightly unripe, treat them with a chemical called 1-methylcyclopropene, wax them, box them, stack them on pallets, and keep them in cold storage warehouses for an average of 9-12 months."

"In fact, the development and use of 1-MCP has made it common for apples to sit even longer in cold storage."

"According to Martin Lindstrom…the average [U.S.] supermarket apple is 14 months old."

Your Apples Are a Year Old

Photos: Jane Stevens 

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Thunder, rain fail to dampen spirits of Hong Kong democracy protesters. (x)

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Red honey as a result of bees feasting on cherries

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my mother told me that she was worried about my little sister being on tumblr because she’s heard that tumblr fetishizes depression/anxiety/various disorders

….which is ….valid in some circles? but mostly the opposite of true.

rather than argue, i just showed her my last couple hundred liked posts, which were overwhelmingly cute baby animals and pictures of plants and toddlers with sick dance moves

keep em coming guys